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Time is running out to purchase South Poll bull

June 21, 2015


Breed HB Tender HB
Juicy HB
Flavor RE
Tender RE
Juicy RE
Flavor BR
Tender BR Juicy BR Flavor Total
A Waygu
x Angus 58 58 56 57 60 50 57 57 50 503
B South
Poll 59 62 57 62 64 61 61 57 54 537
C Black
Angus 49 41 53 38 38 48 59 58 54 438
D Devonx comm’l 60 57 59 60 51 61 64 59 64 535
Total 226 218 225 217 213 220 241 231 222 2013

The summary of total points showed the South Poll scored the highest (537) followed by the Devon (535), Wagyu-Angus cross (503) and Black Angus (438). Also note, the South Poll scored highest overall of the four breeds for ribeye tenderness, juiciness and flavor. No definite conclusions can be reached based on this very narrow study. However, the data obtained is interesting and may be useful for future research ideas. The most important finding verified that 100% grass-fed beef can be produced without smelling bad, tasting funky and being tough.
It is worth noting the Pit Master said the quality and taste of the grass-fed beef presented at the tasting event far exceeded his expectations. Prior to processing, he firmly believed the Wagyu would place first in every category followed in quality order by the Black Angus, South Poll, and Devon in that order.
Cliff and Kay White are the owners of Holiday Ranch with locations in the Florida panhandle and southwest Missouri near Springfield. Holiday Ranch breeds South Poll cattle, a new grass-genetics breed of cattle bred specifically to excel on grass only in a hot, humid environment and produce tender, quality grass-fed beef.

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Holiday Ranch Tender Heifer for Sale

May 15, 2011

Our friend Dave Roberts at Fort Payne asked us to reconsider consigning a female to the 2011 South Poll Field Day seed stock auction.  We did not have any females for sale, but because “Dave asked”, we came up with a real jewel. Allow me to introduce Debutante 10110: 10110 is very special.  Her sire […]

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2011 South Poll Field Day

May 15, 2011

The third South Poll Cattle Association annual meeting and field day will be held on Friday and Saturday, June 24th and 25th, at Bent Tree Farms, the home of Teddy and Linda Gentry and also the home of the South Poll breed, on Lookout Mountain near Fort Payne, Alabama.

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Lucky Day

September 9, 2010

Boy! Was it our lucky day!  Many of you know we attended the Gulf Coast RC&D Grass Fed Seed Stock Auction at Bay Minette, Alabama on September 4th.  We met a lot of old and new friends and it was an enjoyable trip.  Teddy Gentry of Bent Tree Farms was there.  He had brought a […]

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Grass Fed Genetics Sale

September 5, 2010

I am setting here at the computer having a dirty martini with extra olives and grooving to the Best of Jackson Browne’s” The Load Out” and “Stay” and just reflecting on our Labor Day holiday weekend.    Saturday we participated in the Grass Fed Genetics Sale in Bay Minette, Alabama.  We arrived Friday around lunch […]

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South Poll Heifers to be sold at grass genetics auction

August 15, 2010

As promised, I am posting the heifers we have decided to offer for sale on September 4th at the Gulf Coast RC&D Grass Fed Seed Stock Sale in Bay Minette, Alabama.  In addition to these 6 heifers, we are offering a semen package of 200 straws on our 9405 BONA FIDE bull.  Be sure to […]

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South Poll Bull sold

August 4, 2010

Congratulations Voss Land and Cattle Company on your purchase of Holiday Ranch bull #918.  Ralph and Jerri Voss had a couple of bulls sustain injuries recently resulting in 2/3 of their bull power being out of commission.  We happened to have bull 918 that we first planned to keep as a herd sire in our Missouri herd […]

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Ian Mitchell-Innes

April 2, 2010

Ian Mitchell-Innes was scheduled to speak at the South Poll Grass Cattle field day on May 8, 2010. We just received word that Ian had a previous hip replacement  and that replacement has just failed.  Ian is unable to travel to the United States and will be unable to speak at our field day. The […]

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South Poll Field Day May 8, 2010

March 24, 2010

South Poll Grass Cattle Association is hosting a field day in Montgomery, TX on May 8, 2010. Come learn about South Poll Grass Cattle.

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