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Cattle Birds Up North and Down South

September 9, 2011

When we talk about cattle birds in our herds, I realize that the birds are different depending on what latitude you are referring to. Case in point.  My friends Julie and Bill Totemeier live in New London, Iowa.  Recently Julie sent me photos of cattle birds gorging on flies and bugs on their cattle herd.  […]

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Tropical Soda Apple

August 3, 2010

Finally! Biological control for Tropical Soda Apple!

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Tar Balls from the BP Horizon oil well disaster

July 25, 2010

There are lesson to be learned from the BP oil disaster. Instead of oil rigs on the horizon, why not wind farms on the horizon?

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Wild Hog Captured on Holiday Ranch

July 23, 2010

  For a couple of years we have had wild hogs come through the ranch.  This year they have been particularly bad, rooting up the wetlands and tearing up the pastures.  Our friend and occasional hired hand, “Slick” (his nick-name; we don’t  know his real name), said he could capture the hogs and sell them for […]

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