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Do You Want to Know A Secret?

May 21, 2015

Pssst… you want to know a secret? Did you know South Poll cattle are the best kept secret in the cattle industry? • South polls thrive and fatten on grass. They are “easy keepers”. Cattle are not created equal when it comes to cattle that thrive on grass with never any grain. • South Polls […]

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He’s Ba-a-ack! South Poll Bull M480

May 18, 2011

When Holiday Ranch started in the South Poll business with 40 cows back in 2004, we had Dave Roberts (South Poll guru and keeper of all knowledge) select our herd sire.  This “big boy” was M480.  We knew M480 must be special because his photo was featured in the Bent Tree Farms brochure when he […]

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It’s a Miracle! You Can Grow Your Hair Longer and Thicker

November 28, 2010

A simple adjustment in latitude can make your hair longer and thicker.  It’s true!  If you are a South Poll cow… Seriously, consider the case of South Poll cattle, bred to withstand the South’s heat and humidity.  At  Holiday Ranch in Florida our South Polls are extremely slick-haired.  In Northwest Florida, latitude 30.35, it does get cold […]

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Yee-Haaa! South Poll Cattle Drive

October 25, 2010

We opened the gate, the cattle filed out onto the public blacktopped highway.

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Olives in North Florida? No Way!

September 18, 2010

Well, they said it couldn’t be done; but we can grow olives in northwest Florida.

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Lucky Day

September 9, 2010

Boy! Was it our lucky day!  Many of you know we attended the Gulf Coast RC&D Grass Fed Seed Stock Auction at Bay Minette, Alabama on September 4th.  We met a lot of old and new friends and it was an enjoyable trip.  Teddy Gentry of Bent Tree Farms was there.  He had brought a […]

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Twins. These Are One in a Million.

August 24, 2010

There apparently are very few documented cases of twin foals both making it.

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Tar Balls from the BP Horizon oil well disaster

July 25, 2010

There are lesson to be learned from the BP oil disaster. Instead of oil rigs on the horizon, why not wind farms on the horizon?

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Beulah, our guardian ‘angel’

July 24, 2010

Please meet Beulah, Holiday Ranch’s guardian of the Gulf Coast Native sheep and St. Croix sheep.

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Wild Hog Captured on Holiday Ranch

July 23, 2010

  For a couple of years we have had wild hogs come through the ranch.  This year they have been particularly bad, rooting up the wetlands and tearing up the pastures.  Our friend and occasional hired hand, “Slick” (his nick-name; we don’t  know his real name), said he could capture the hogs and sell them for […]

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