Holiday Ranch
Breeder of South Poll Grass Cattle

Do You Want to Know A Secret?

South Polls - the best kept secret in the cattle industry

South Polls – the best kept secret in the cattle industry

Pssst… you want to know a secret?
Did you know South Poll cattle are the best kept secret in the cattle industry?

• South polls thrive and fatten on grass. They are “easy keepers”. Cattle are not created equal when it comes to cattle that thrive on grass with never any grain.

• South Polls are moderate framed. More cows can be grazed on an acre resulting in more pounds of beef produced per acre.

• South Polls are highly climate and forage adaptable. Holiday Ranch maintains cattle in Iowa, Missouri and Florida. Fescue and Bahia grass are the primary forages.

• South Polls are heat tolerant. In the heat of the day South Poll cattle are usually out foraging while black-hided animals seek shade.

• South Polls are very docile and gentle.

• South Polls have substantially fewer flies than black-hided cattle.

• South Polls are highly fertile.

• South Polls bulls cross well with other breeds yielding excellent hybrid vigor.

• South Polls are feed-efficient. They can “do more with less”.

• South Polls have quality carcass characteristics, including tenderness.

Holiday Ranch will offer a limited number of weaned heifers and bulls for sale November & December 2015. Contact us to be put on our waiting list.  holidayranch@gmail dot com


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