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Charting Cattle Linear Measurements

Previously, we talked about taking measurements on our heifers.

By using a radar chart or spider chart we learned about by reading a page at Rotokawa Cattle Co., we can first plot what the ideal body measurements and percentages should be according to Gerald Fry’s information on his website, Bovine Engineering.  These measurements are plotted in red on the chart.

Then, using data we collected on the individual animal, we plotted their measurements in blue.

As you can see, charting the information makes a strong visual tool for seeing where an animal’s strengths and weaknesses lay.

In addition to charting measurements, we also use the collected data to figure frame score.  Gerald Fry states the ideal frame score to perform well on grass is 3.5 to 4.5.


From our limited experience, animals less than one year old may plot rather oddly.  I therefore recommend this procedure be done at one year of age and older.


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