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Chief, Newest South Poll Bull to be Honored

Hey everybody.  I’m back!  It has been a long, hot summer at Holiday Ranch.  I have been busy with my vegetable gardening and canning, plus a number of other obligations that kept me from writing.  I promise to do better now that things are slowing down a bit.

Bull M480 honored with the name "Chief"

The first item of exciting news is bull M480 was honored at the 2011 South Poll Board meeting by being given the name of “Chief”.  Those bulls so honored have proven themselves to be the best and are qualified for international semen sales.


Chief was our very first herd sire purchased in 2004.  He and his dam were featured on the Bent Tree Farms brochure back in 2003.  Dave Roberts (walking, talking book of knowledge on all things South Poll) selected him for us.  We will forever be in his debt for sending this special bull our way.

Typical Chief daughter, Holiday Ranch #643

Chief has sired some of the best females I have seen in the South Poll breed.  Almost, without fail, his daughters were exceptional.  If you have visited Holiday Ranch or Sassafras Valley Ranch you have seen his daughters (500, 600, and 700 series ear tags).

They are feminine, have excellent confirmation, are deep-gutted and wide, and have picture-perfect udders as you can see from the photo.

After 3 years of breeding cows at Holiday Ranch, we sold Chief.  He was gone 4 years but in the early summer of 2011, we located Chief and brought him back home to Holiday Ranch where he will live out his days.  We are so happy to have him back.  He is nine and a half years old now and is out in the pasture breeding cows.  We are hopeful he will stay virile for another couple of years (or more!).  We did collect semen on Chief so contact us if you are ever interested in using him as an A.I. sire.

A prominent, extremely large cattle breeder in the Southeast saw our cattle herd as he was traveling to the beach this summer.  He stopped, came into the farm and wanted to purchase all of Chief’s daughters we have remaining on the Florida farm.  I believe this speaks volumes for the kind of females Chief produces.  If you are wondering…no, we did not sell these ladies because they are the matriarchs of our herd.  As you know, our goal is to produce the “best of the best” South Poll cattle and these cattle are critical to our breeding goals.

Chief has also produced some special bulls.  J.A. Girgenti used a son of Chief (Holiday Ranch #516) for several years and was extremely pleased with the bull.  Ben Coleman thinks his Chief son (Holiday Ranch #603) is the best South Poll bull ever bred.  I have heard similar stories of other great sons out there in South Poll land.

All things considered, Chief is more than deserving the honor bestowed on him.  He is truly remarkable and one of a kind.  We are honored to have him working at Holiday Ranch once again.



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