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He’s Ba-a-ack! South Poll Bull M480

When Holiday Ranch started in the South Poll business with 40 cows back in 2004, we had Dave Roberts (South Poll guru and keeper of all knowledge) select our herd sire.  This “big boy” was M480.  We knew M480 must be special because his photo was featured in the Bent Tree Farms brochure when he was a young calf.  M480 was a two-year old breeding age bull when we purchased him.  We felt very fortunate to buy a great looking bull stacked with some of the best genetics in the breed.

M480's Dam, B0358, the "Mother of Great Bulls"

M480’s dam is Bo358, known in South Poll circles at the “mother of great bulls“.   His sire, 0313, is one of the great bulls in the South Poll breed who sired slick-haired offspring and produced beautiful udders on his daughters.  These excellent traits have been acquired by M480 and passed on to his progeny.

Without a doubt, some of the best females in the breed were sired by M480.  Our Missouri partner, Dr. Bruce Shanks, recently wrote about M480.  He stated “Undoubtedly, M480 produces a daughter with extra thickness and capacity and in my mind are the best set of females we have”.Holiday 643, an M480 daughter

We kept M480 here at the Florida ranch for 3 breeding seasons as our only herd sire.  His last year he bred over 70 cows.  Then, we had Dave sell M480 because if he stayed he would be breeding his daughters (but that is another matter we could discuss).

One day we were sitting on the front porch enjoying a cool drink after a long days work watching the cows graze on the paddock in front of the house.  The subject of bulls came up and we thought it would be a grand idea to bring M480 back home as most of his daughters are now in the Missouri herd.  Only four of his daughters remain in Florida.

We started checking to see if M480 was still alive and, if so, where he was.  We found that he was with Jay Miller at Lookout Mountain, Georgia.  Jay had been using M480 in his herd ever since he left Holiday Ranch.  Jay agreed to sell M480 to us because he had a M480 son he could use as a replacement bull.

After consulting with Bruce Shanks and Dave Roberts regarding the advisability of collecting semen from M480, he was collected at Genex at Fort Payne after buying M480 from Jay.  We were told that his semen was way above average after freezing – not bad for an old guy!   We will make some of this semen available to other breeders wishing to use M480’s excellent grass genetics to produce some fine females and bulls.

Ben Coleman of Coleman Farms in north Missouri has a M480 son, 603, he thinks is the finest bull in the entire South Poll breed.  Ben likes his ruggedness and hardiness.  Additionally, M480 has produced several other outstanding bulls.

We have nominated M480 for special recognition as BREED LEADER within the South Poll breed.  If accepted, M480 will be honored with a name that we propose to be “Chief”.

We are so happy to have M480 back home where he belongs.  At nine years old, we hope he has several more good years of breeding cows at Holiday Ranch.  We will let him live out the rest of his life here

This fall Holiday Ranch and Sassafras Valley Ranch will have weaned heifers for sale out of many of M480 daughters in Missouri.  Contact us to reserve your 2011 South Poll heifers which will be available in the fall.

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