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Holiday Ranch Tender Heifer for Sale

Our friend Dave Roberts at Fort Payne asked us to reconsider consigning a female to the 2011 South Poll Field Day seed stock auction.  We did not have any females for sale, but because “Dave asked”, we came up with a real jewel.

Allow me to introduce Debutante 10110:

Yearling Heifer HR 5107 WD93 10110

10110 is very special.  Her sire was 5107, a 10-star tender bull.  5107 is now deceased and Holiday Ranch only has 2 of his offspring.  10110 is one of those offspring and DNA testing confirms her to be 9-stars for tenderness.  She was selected to go back into the herd as breeding stock because of her tenderness.  As you know, grass genetics should emphasize tender beef off grass.

In addition to her tenderness, she is also a feminine heifer with a beautiful face and Bambi-like eyes.  As you can see in the photo, she is slick-haired with a desirable medium red color (no white).  Best of all, she is very gentle, with a laid-back docile personality.

10110 was born on our partner’s ranch in Missouri on fescue, therefore she should be fescue-tolerant.  She has been developed on our Florida ranch on Bahia grass and winter annuals.

This special girl will be very hard to let go.  Our loss will certainly be your gain if your goal is to produce tender grass-finished beef.

Please plan on attending the South Poll field day in Fort Payne on June 24-25, 2011 where this heifer will be offered for auction.  If you cannot attend, but would like to bid on this heifer, please contact us and we can figure out a way to submit your bid.

Please stay in touch.  Holiday Ranch and Sassafras Valley Ranch will have a nice crop of weaned South Poll heifers plus a few bulls for sale in the fall.


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