Holiday Ranch
Breeder of South Poll Grass Cattle

Passionate About Our Food!

Hey Y’all!  I’m back!

Everyone that knows me understands that I am passionate about the food we eat.  I want clean, healthy food.  The way I assure the quality of our food is grow or raise much of it myself.  This naturally applies to South Poll beef, but also to pork, chicken, and fish.  I have an organic-type vegetable garden that keeps me busy 12 months out of the year. 

I stumbled on a you-Tube video of an eleven-year old boy named Birke Baehr.  Birke is wise beyond his years, he is home-schooled and gave a wonderful speech on our food system.  It is quite entertaining and enlightening.   I wanted to share this with my friends.  Please watch this, it is only about five minutes and SO worth your time.


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