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It’s a Miracle! You Can Grow Your Hair Longer and Thicker

A simple adjustment in latitude can make your hair longer and thicker.  It’s true!  If you are a South Poll cow…

Florida-raised heifer in her winter coat

Seriously, consider the case of South Poll cattle, bred to withstand the South’s heat and humidity.  At  Holiday Ranch in Florida our South Polls are extremely slick-haired.  In Northwest Florida, latitude 30.35, it does get cold and we have a number of nights when it gets below freezing.  The South Polls do grow a little longer coat in the winter. 

In mid-October we visited our Missouri partner, Bruce Shanks of Sassafras Valley Ranch, Belle, Missouri, latitude 38.27.  We picked up 10 of our best replacement heifers and brought them to Florida.  They will be developed and bred to our “Bona Fide” bull.  In Missouri, they had some pretty cold weather prior to October 15th.  We noticed the Missouri heifers had grown quite a long hair coat in preparation of the cold Missouri winters. 

Missouri-raised heifer in her winter coatThis simple adjustment in latitude, 30.35 vs. 38.27, does make an incredible difference.  What this tells me is South Polls are very adaptable to different climates.  In summer, they slick-off nicely but are able to grow that winter coat to the extent necessary to be comfortable.  Click on the photos to enlarge.  You can see a definite difference in the hair coat.

 The more you know about these South Poll cattle, the more you got to love them!

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