Holiday Ranch
Breeder of South Poll Grass Cattle

Five Cent Tour: “Organics” at Holiday Ranch

Anyone who knows me well knows how passionate I am about the food we eat.  Every week I learn something new and disturbing about our “industrial” food supply and the unhealthyness of those foods we presume to wholesome and nutritious.

At Holiday Ranch we strive to produce “clean”, nutrient-dense food in an organic manner.  We are not “certified organic” but try to stay true, with few exceptions, to the principles of organic .

We raise pasture-based beef, chicken, lamb and pork (our friends actually raise the pork on their ranch) along with fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms. 

Please enjoy your tour by clicking here to access a recent movie of the ranch and our foods.

Gulf Coast Native SheepAs always, let me remind you we strive to produce the “best of the best” South Poll Grass Cattle genetics at Holiday RanchSouth Polls are designed to thrive and excel on grass alone and have wonderful, gentle dispositions and feature traits like longevity, fertility, and heat tolerance.  Learn more about our South Polls here.  And be sure to visit our cattle with ourMissouri partner, Dr. Bruce Shanks of Sassafras Valley Ranch.


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