Holiday Ranch
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Mother of Great Bulls

Teddy Gentry, Cattle Breeder extraordinaire (“inventor” of South Poll Cattle), has his favorite cow.  According to word on the street, this cow is B0442 and she has produced some really, really nice progeny.

But ask the regular South Poll breeder who their favorite cow is and I think you are likely to hear the name B0358.  She is known as “Mother of Great Bulls”.

 I saw her for the first time on our most recent road trip to look at cattle.  She is a dandy and, just looking at her, you can tell how she earned her name.  Phenotypically, she is superb.  There is no wonder she produces great bulls.

 M480 is a 2002 model.  “Big Boy” was herd sire for Holiday Ranch for three years.  He was the only bull we had.  We kept many daughters out of him.  He also sired some really nice bulls.  Ben Coleman from Missouri has his 2006 son, #603.  According to our partner, Bruce Shanks, Ben thinks this is the best bull in the entire South Poll breed.  M480 was a masculine, medium red, thick and capacious, slick bull.  I miss his good disposition.  He now serves at Jay Miller’s Ranch in Georgia

 3451 was born in 2003.  He was the “first choice” in his calf crop.  He was sold to a North Carolina ranch.  They have kept heifers out of him.

 4476 is the 2004 son of B0358.  He was used extensively by breeders in Alabama.  We own some nice daughters out of him.  4476 was recently purchased by Sassafras Valley Ranch and Holiday Ranch to serve at our Missouri location.  We are excited to add him to our bull battery.  4476 is deep red, very masculine, thick, calm and easy to handle.  He is also very slick-haired and should pass this desirable trait on to his progeny.

 9401 is the new kid on the block, born in 2009.  Dave Roberts (living encyclopedia of all things South Poll) says he is a dark red bull with a lot of performance and stoutness.  He had a 58-pound birth weight and weaned off heavy and ultrasounded great.   

Keep an eye out for the next great herd sire from B0358, THE MOTHER OF GREAT BULLS!

Be sure to visit the Holiday Ranch and Sassafras Valley Ranch websites.


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