Holiday Ranch
Breeder of South Poll Grass Cattle

Road Trip

A Holiday Ranch girl, all grown up

Do you just love to look at really nice cattle?  We do!  We just visited our friends Randy and Yvonne to look at their South Poll cattle.  They purchased 10 or 12 of our heifers back in June of 2008.  Now these pretty girls have outstanding calves of their own.  It is such a joy to see how well they have done.  

Merritt Farms started their foundation herd by purchasing their mama cows and bull from Bent Tree Farm.  Their bull, RH60, was the sire to some of our  

RH60, South Poll bull


 Holiday Ranch calves this year.  RH60 is one of my favorite bulls.  The photo just does not do him justice.   

Watch the Youtube video of Merritt Farms cattle.  I think you will be impressed.  

Just click the link below to view the video:   

Before you leave, be sure to visit Bruce Shanks, our Missouri partner.


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