Holiday Ranch
Breeder of South Poll Grass Cattle

Best of the Best

What does “the best of the best” mean?  In car world, does it mean a Rolls Royce or a Bentley?  A Rolex watch?  A Frank Lloyd Wright home?  How about the Mayo Clinic for health care?  Everyone has their own idea of what is the best!    

At Holiday Ranch, our goal is to produce the best of the best beef cattle named South Poll.  We study pedigrees and educate ourselves on the great sires and dams in the breed.  We try to locate and purchase those great cattle or their progeny to add to our already superb herd.     

9405 "Bona Fide" South Poll bull


 Bulls are extremely important to our breeding program, carrying half of the genetic material.  We and our Missouri partner, Dr. Bruce Shanks of Sassafras Valley Ranch, have previously scoured the country to obtain those bulls that will produce excellent offspring.  We now feel that our extraordinary herd is capable of producing some of the best bulls in the breed.  We want our bulls to be very masculine and look like a bull.  He has thickness and width on a moderate frame.  He, too, should have a calm temperament.  Slick hair is necessary for heat-tolerance and he excels on forage.  

Our goal is to produce a female that is feminine with great maternal traits and excellent udders.  She should have lots of heart girth, slick hair, be of moderate frame and have an easy-going calm disposition.  She should be able to keep good body condition on grass and hay with no supplemental inputs.   

South Poll breeders are the beneficiaries of the vision and dedication of the breeds’ developer, Teddy Gentry, Fort Payne, Alabama.  Teddy insisted on selecting and retaining only the breeding stock that met his high standards.  Those who did not were simply culled despite the investment cost.  Yes, he wanted the best of the best.  Thank you, Teddy.   

 Please visit Holiday Ranch and Sassafras Valley Ranch to learn more about our South Poll cattle and the excellent genetics we have to offer


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