Holiday Ranch
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Lucky Day

Boy! Was it our lucky day! 

Many of you know we attended the Gulf Coast RC&D Grass Fed Seed Stock Auction at Bay Minette, Alabama on September 4th.  We met a lot of old and new friends and it was an enjoyable trip. 

Teddy Gentry of Bent Tree Farms was there.  He had brought a number of wonderful grass genetics animals to the sale.  The most eye-catching female was 3414, a perfectly beautiful 7 year-old mama cow with a heifer calf.  I told Cliff “I WANT HER!” although there were several buyers at the auction who had much deeper pockets than us.   We would probably be outbid.  

Well, the auctioneer finally brought out “Lot 2 and 2A, South Poll Cow with Calf”.  I had butterflies in my stomach, feeling both excitement that we would be high bidder and dread that we would not get this cow and calf that I really wanted.  Teddy got up and announced something about this mama and daughter pair and stated he had a standing bid in hand from Voss Land and Cattle Company.  My enthusiasm immediately dampened because the Voss’s usually buy the cattle we are interested in. 

To my complete astonishment, we were the high bidder!  No bids higher from Voss, no bids from the other couple of buyers that I just knew would be our competition for this cow and her heifer calf.  So, it was definitely our lucky day! 

As far as we are concerned, except for the 2 exceptional young South Poll heifers we consigned, these were by far the best females in the sale.  Maybe the fact that this mama cow was seven years old made the difference.  Those of us who are familiar with the longevity of South Polls know they are in their prime at seven and they will probably produce for another seven years or longer.   Just look at her udder – a heifer does not usually have a better udder than hers.

 Later, I spoke to Dave Roberts (the walking, talking encyclopedia for all things South Poll) who stated, in his cool-headed and laid-back manner, 3414 “always has a good calf” and he “really likes the calf and she is really line bred”.

 We owe it all to Teddy Gentry for making these animals available and for developing the South Poll breed, designed to excel on grass and produce excellent carcass qualities.  Please be sure to check out our website to learn more about Holiday Ranch South Poll cattle and also visit our partner in Missouri, Bruce Shanks of Sassafras Valley Ranch.


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