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Grass Fed Genetics Sale

I am setting here at the computer having a dirty martini with extra olives and grooving to the Best of Jackson Browne’s” The Load Out” and “Stay” and just reflecting on our Labor Day holiday weekend. 

Holiday Ranch sells grass-fed genetics at Bay Minette. AL


Saturday we participated in the Grass Fed Genetics Sale in Bay Minette, Alabama.  We arrived Friday around lunch time and unloaded our cattle and spent the balance of the day setting up our Holiday Ranch information tent and South Poll Grass Cattle Association display table and visiting with friends, old and new. 

 It was such a delight to see some of our old friends and meet some of the leaders in the grass-fed movement in the Southeast.  We met for the first time Mitch Fry of Cadron Farm, Greenbrier, Arkansas.  Mitch is the nephew of Gerald Fry. We also met Steve Hixson of H&H Senepol, Dayton, Tennessee.  Steve brought his son and future son-in-law.  All these guys were super-nice and had some fabulous grass cattle. 

Teddy Gentry, breeder of South Poll cattle


 Additionally, we saw many old friends.  Teddy Gentry (breeder/developer of South Poll cattle and President of the South Poll Cattle Association) and his cousin Jacky Owens were there.  Teddy gave a talk about grass genetics at the auction which was very interesting.  He, a “celebrity”, (member of the Country music group “Alabama”) is so down to earth and a very likeable person.  Teddy brought some of his best cattle to offer for sale .  This quality cattle does not come available very often.  There we a couple of Hereford bulls to die for and a Red Angus bull that was the epitome of a grass bull – short, thick and wide.   He even bought one of this top cows with her calf.  We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have been the top bidder on this cow.  She now lives at Holiday Ranch and we are so grateful to Teddy for making this quality grass genetic cow available to the grass-fed folks.  

 Also present was another South Poll breeder, J.A. Girgenti of Amite, Louisiana.  J.A. brought a very moderate-framed South Poll bull.  J.A. had one of the top-selling heifers at the South Poll field day in Montgomery, Texas in 2010.  

Rani, Stillwater Lowlines


We ran into our former neighbor, Jay Meyer of Stillwater Farm, Opp Alabama.  Jay breeds Lowline Angus.  We were delighted to learn Jay, a widower, had remarried a beautiful lady named Rani.  Rani has the prettiest blue eyes you have ever seen.  Jay is a lucky guy!  Jay brought some half-blood Lowlines to the sale. 

 The brainchild of this sale was Randall Hastings, Hastings Farms, Bay Minette, Alabama.  We have known Randall for several years now.  Randall was just recently certified organic.  He is definitely a local leader in alternative agriculture (cattle) in the Southeast.  We are happy to call Randall a friend.  Randall was present, working his a** off, making this sale run smoothly.  Randall’s sons were also present, helping load and unload cattle and probably doing many other jobs I am not aware of. 

 We met Bill Roberts and his wife of 12 Stones Ranch.  Bill was the auctioneer and sale manager.  Bill was responsible for many of the Devon cattle present in the sale.  Some of the Devon bulls were the high selling animals in the sale and we appreciate Bill’s participation 

Randall Hastings, brainchild of Grass Fed Auction


 On the day of the sale it was great to see Nick Estella and Fernando Mendez who purchased our South Poll cattle in Bay Minette and Montgomery, Texas.  We also met a new breeder who asked to remain anonymous from the Orlando area.  He stressed the importance of knowing the source of his food for himself and his family and therefore purchased 3 head of grass genetics cattle at the auction with the plan of producing true grass-fed beef on his acreage. 

We had been working with Kyle Baggett of the Gulf Coast RC&D and Stan Stokes of Eagle Printing.  It was great to meet these guys that worked so hard to put this sale together. 

 All in all, I would rate the auction a success, even though every lot did not sell.  Many buyers got to take some great grass genetics home. 

 Stay tuned to our blog.  Soon, I will introduce you to the our new cow, 3414, and her calf from Bent Tree Farms with grass genetics extraordinaire. 

 As always, please visit our ranch at or our partner, Bruce Shanks, at to learn more about our sustainable ranching operations and our South Poll cattle. 

Jackson Browne says remember why we came…we got country and western… rural scences…time to think of the ones we love…the people were so kind…  Stay, just a little bit longer.  Stay just a little bit more.  Godspeed, my friends.


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