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There Are So Many Stars

There are all sorts of stars…there are movie stars, rock stars, there are a gazillion stars in the universe, and don’t forget about those lucky shooting stars.  The ocean has Star Fish.   Then, there is the Star of David, the symbol of Israel.  Our national emblem, the flag, has stars and stripes.  There’s Star Wars  and Star Trek.   I like to stay at 5-star hotels and eat at 3-star Michelin-rated restaurants.  My kids would get a star for good behavior in kindergarten.  Stars, it seems, are a very good thing.    

I would like to introduce you to a unique new star classification.  It has been proposed that South Poll cattle breeders be able to reward their really good cows with a star system.  Keep in mind this is just a proposal under consideration    

Allow me to digress a moment.  Everyone knows Teddy Gentry had a certain vision when he developed the South Poll breed.  One of his primary visions and goals for the breed was longevity.  For years, he kept and used bulls out of his oldest most productive cows, thereby “building in” longevity.    

B9431, an 11-year-old Silver Star cow


Teddy’s vision was fruitful and now we breeders are the beneficiaries.  When we purchase a South Poll we have a high degree of certainty that the cow or bull will be productive for many years.  Other breeds of cows and bulls can be counted on for 7 or 8 good years but it is common for a South Poll to be productive for 10 years and many cows are still producing a good, healthy, strong calf at 15 or even 20 years of age.    

Now, back to the proposed star-rating:    

Bronze star:      Cow has 5 calves at 6 years of age    

Silver star:        Cow has 8 calves at 10 years of age    

Gold star:         Cow has 10 calves at 12 years of age    

Platinum star:    Cow has 14 calves at 15 years of age    

A heifer-like udder on an old lady


At Holiday Ranch, I am happy to report that we have 48 bronze star cows, 6 silver star cows and 1 gold star cow.  In 2011 those ratings should really increase to include many more silver and gold stars.     

We believe these older ladies are the real workhorses of our herd and hope they remain happy, productive cows for years to come.    

Be sure to visit our ranch at and our partner, Bruce Shanks at  to learn more about us and our South Poll cattle.


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