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Twins. These Are One in a Million.

Twins are not quite one in a million anymore.  These days it seems like twins are more and more common.  Cliff is even a twin.  But wait!  Let me tell you the rest of the story.  

Terry and Miss O

Terry and "Miss O"


First, let me introduce you to my best friend, Terry.  If anyone could be called the horse whisperer, it could be Terry.  She has an innate sense for her horses.  She is patient with them, teaches them, learns from them and, in short, loves them the way a mother loves her children.   

 Terry has cutting horses.  These are magnificent, intelligent, athletic horses with “cow sense” as they are used by cowboys to work through a herd of cattle, cutting out those cows that might need to be moved, treated for sickness, or for any other reason isolated from the herd.  “Cutting” is also a competitive sport that Terry and other horse owners participate in.   

 Terry and husband John could also be call horse fanatics.  Their lovely home has a horse stable built right on to the house.  Terry’s second floor bedroom has a balcony overlooking their 6 stables.  There is also closed-circuit television where Terry can watch the horses on her televisions.  

Miss O and the twins

Terry’s mare, called Miss O, was expecting.  In anticipation of Miss O’s delivery she was put in a stable so Terry could keep a watch over her.  Sure enough, Terry was able to observe Miss O give birth to a healthy foal.  Terry went out to the stable to help clean up Miss O and during that process was astonished to feel the leg of another foal.  Miss O gave birth to another foal.   

 The Vet was called and Terry was warned by her vet not to get her hopes up and the chances of the twins surviving were slim.  There apparently are very few documented cases of twin foals both making it.  Those that did survive have been propped up with intensive medical care, infusions, surgeries, etc. costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

Going to the stable, getting ready for bed

Going to the stable, getting ready for bed


Well, Miss O is apparently a real jewel.  She was able to conceive, carry, birth, nurse, and care for both foals.  Those twins survived with no medical intervention.  Terry has since learned that survival of twins is a one in a hundred-thousand incidence and the fact that both of these babies are so healthy is, I would think, a ONE IN MILLON occurrence.  It is certainly a rare event and could not have happened to a more appreciative owner than Terry.  

 The twins’ stable names are Val and Valerie.  Terry pastures them during the day and every evening takes Miss O, Val, and Valerie out of the pasture and allows them to spend the night in a stable.  The day I was there, Val and Valerie got to romp all across the ranch, play with the dogs, and eat grass from the front lawn of the house.  They then let themselves into their stable because they know they will get a bedtime snack of some grain or maybe some perennial peanut hay.  

Val and Valerie in bed for the night


 I am happy to share such a special story with you.  Terry can be reached at  

 Please be sure to visit our South Poll Grass Cattle ranch at


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