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Amazing Girl … heifer, actually

Let me tell you about our newest purchased heifer.  Last winter (January 27th) we had to go to Bent Tree Farms, Fort Payne, Alabama to deliver or pick up a head or two of cattle.   We met with our friend Dave Roberts.  I have told you about Dave previously.   Dave is the walking, talking encyclopedia on all things relating to South Poll cattle.  We asked Dave if we could look at the cattle.

We spent several hours looking at Bent Tree Farms’ cattle; first in the mama cow paddock, next we saw some excellent yearling bull calves, then down the road to the heifer field.  Bent Tree had some really nice weaned heifers but one was really an eye-catcher. 

Heifer 9405 with her baby calf

She was number 9408.  She was one of those deep, dark,  red-headed girls with a wide deep body and short legs.  Just our kind of heifer!

We asked Dave if she was for sale and, as usual when we make that sort of inquiry, he did not believe this heifer was going to be sold.  We asked, well…begged is more like it, Dave to see if Teddy Gentry would sell this heifer to us.

Daylight was fading and we had a six-plus-hour drive to get home so we had to leave without an answer to our request to buy the heifer. 

We later (February 13th) learned that Teddy would sell us this heifer so we sent payment for this pretty girl immediately to assure her availability.  We would pick her up the next time we were going to be in Fort Payne again with our stock trailer.

Well, time passed and in early May we attended the South Poll annual field day in Montgomery, Texas.  Teddy Gentry told us our heifer calf we purchased from him had just had a calf on May 3rd.  Teddy was concerned that we may not want the heifer since she had a calf at the age of 14, yes… fourteen, months of age.  That means she was bred when she was five months old.

Pretty udder with plenty of milk

We struggled with the question, should we keep her; should we replace her; should we request a refund?  The bottom line was, we wanted her.  She had already proven herself the be fertile and had the ability to have that first calf.

She is an amazing girl.  She has plenty of milk and her calf is growing like a weed.

Fertility is one of the traits the South Poll cattle are known for.  The more you learn about the South Polls, the more you gotta love ’em!

Be sure to visit our website,, to learn more about these amazing South Polls!


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