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Grass genetics seed stock auction

Bona Fide

Grass genetics bull "Bona Fide", a South Poll breed leader

Our friend from the Mobile, Alabama area, Randall Hastings,  is helping organize an auction where cattle producers can find true grass genetics to improve their herds.   We are passionate about grass genetics and feel we have some of the best in our Holiday Ranch South Polls.  Please read all about the auction below and be sure to visit our website to learn all about our South Polls, bred to thrive, excel and finish on grass alone.

We will try to hand-pick a few good females to offer in this sale so stay tuned and we will let you know what may be available from us.

South Poll cow M415

Holiday Ranch South Poll cow # M415

Gulf Coast RC&D Grass Fed Seed Stock Sale

 To: Producers of “Proven Forage- Efficient Cattle” that finish totally on grass

From:  The 2010 Gulf Coast RC&D Grass Red Seed Stock Sale Committee

 Mr. Kyle Baggett and Mr. Randall Hastings in conjunction with the RC&D covering Baldwin, Escambia and Mobile counties in Alabama are sponsoring a sale of proven quality forage-efficient seed stock.  The sale will be held September 4, 2010 at 1:30 PM at:

 Carol Hodgson Multipurpose Arena

43421 Pine Grove Road

Bay Minette. Alabama 36507 

We are seeking Angus, Devon, Herbataurus, Hereford, Senepol and South Poll Cattle primarily that can perform in the southeast US.  Other British base breeds will be considered but these breeds have been selected based on local demand.

 Consignment and purchasing is open to the world.  The Baldwin County RC&D will be providing financial assistance to commercial beef producers within their area of coverage to assist them in accessing some of your valuable genetics.  This should provide a favorable environment for sellers and buyers alike.

 The intent of this sale is to:

1)    Assist Commercial Beef Producers in Alabama and the surrounding area to build sustainability by accessing forage efficient genetics.

2)    Educate Alabama Commercial Beef Producers and consumers by showcasing your top quality grass efficient cattle in a public forum.

3)    Build relationships and awareness of sources of these valuable genetics for the future.

Specifications for consignments include but are not limited to:

1)    The aforementioned breeds that shed slick and are heat tolerant

2)    Frame Score of 5.5 or less that demonstrate the phenotype of forage efficient cattle.

3)    Conformation and bone that reflect meat quality and tenderness.

4)    Age requirements:     Bulls – 10 months to 5 years

                                     Females – 10 months to 6 years

5)    Registration papers and transfers supplied on all cattle sold as registered.

6)    Proper health certificates provided commensurate with Alabama requirements: 

• Please provide a veterinarian signed certificate of health with each consignment identified by tag number or ID

• TB or Brucellosis negative test if not coming from a TB or Brucellosis Free State

• Trich tests are not required for bulls coming to AL but may be for other states if purchased by an out of state buyer requiring such a test.

7)    A digital picture via e-mail may be necessary as part of a prescreening process.  ** Sale management reserves the right to prescreen cattle if deemed necessary either by farm visit or digital photo via e-mail and will refuse any cattle deemed not in keeping with grass efficient phenotype.

 The Baldwin RC&D is graciously sponsoring this sale and working to make it as consignor friendly as possible.  The sale commission will be 10% with a $30 catalog fee for registered cattle and a $10 catalog fee for unregistered cattle.  Minimum reserves are up to the consignor.  There will be no pass out fee if reserves are not met.  Any catalog fees will be forfeited but there will be no other fees.

 Consignment forms and a copy of terms and conditions are available by e-mailing or calling:

Bill Roberts –           (615) 428-4771

Randall Hastings-       (251) 239-0639

 Applications will be taken through August 31.  Only applications taken through August 20 are assured entry in to the catalog.  An addendum will be printed for subsequent entries and available at the sale                   

We want this to be a success for all involved and are working hard to that end.

 Respectfully yours

 Bill Roberts

Sale managed by 12 Stones Grassland Beef


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