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Wild Hog Captured on Holiday Ranch

Wild boar captured on Holiday Ranch


For a couple of years we have had wild hogs come through the ranch.  This year they have been particularly bad, rooting up the wetlands and tearing up the pastures. 

Our friend and occasional hired hand, “Slick” (his nick-name; we don’t  know his real name), said he could capture the hogs and sell them for food. 

Slick built a round capture pen out of welded cattle panels in the wetlands, baited it with soured corn, and waited. 

Today was our lucky day.  Cliff discovered a large boar hog in the pen this morning.  Our German Shorthair Pointer, Sidney, was being aggressive towards the hog and the hog was being aggressive in return.  The boar hog had huge tusks and acted as if he could do some real damage if he got in a tangle with you.  After a while Cliff got Sidney back to the house and we called Slick. 

Slick came with his horse trailer, backed up to the trap door of the pen, and tried to lasso the hog, working his way all around the round pen.  The hog stuck with Slick, running “hog-wild” against the wire pen, sometimes even climbing up the wire trying to get to Slick. 

Slick trying to lasso the aggressive hog


Slick never did lasso the hog.  He methodically worked his way around the pen trying multiple times to lasso the hog.  Several times he had the rope on the hog but the hog was smart and backed out of the rope. 

When the hog reached the open trap door (with the trailer backed up to it), he went through the doorway and into the trailer.  I suppose he was searching for an escape route.  He was now captured! 

The hog was locked into the front half of the trailer but quickly climbed over the interior door trying to escape.  I thought he would next climb over the rear door of the trailer and escape for sure.  Slick came to the rescue again and moved the hog back into the front of the trailer.   

Wild hog climbing over door


We were happy when Slick and the hog left the ranch.  The hog was to be sold to one of Slick’s acquaintances to be used for food. 

Slick safely captures wild hog!


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