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South Poll bull “Bona Fide” named Breed Leader

Hi South Poll Grass Cattle friends and fans.  Sorry I have not been writing much these days.  We stay really busy on the ranch and when we must run errands, the whole day is shot!

 I wanted to share some exciting news about South Poll bull 9405.  The South Poll Grass Cattle Association has named him a BREED LEADER!  For such an honor, he has been given a name in addition to his number.  His honorary name is BONA FIDE.

 Bona Fide

Bona Fide is a real bull!  Here is the description that Dave Roberts (Dave is the keeper of all South Poll knowledge and it is all in his head!) wrote for Bona Fide’s semen sales:

 Bona Fide is a low birth weight bull that is well-balanced and grew into a bull that is wide-based and has thickness from end to end.  His dam is one of the best uddered cows in the breed.  Use Bona Fide with confidence to sire outstanding males and females.

For semen sales, please contact Dave Roberts at 256-996-1788.


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