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Tar Balls from the BP Horizon oil well disaster

July 25, 2010

There are lesson to be learned from the BP oil disaster. Instead of oil rigs on the horizon, why not wind farms on the horizon?

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Beulah, our guardian ‘angel’

July 24, 2010

Please meet Beulah, Holiday Ranch’s guardian of the Gulf Coast Native sheep and St. Croix sheep.

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Wild Hog Captured on Holiday Ranch

July 23, 2010

  For a couple of years we have had wild hogs come through the ranch.  This year they have been particularly bad, rooting up the wetlands and tearing up the pastures.  Our friend and occasional hired hand, “Slick” (his nick-name; we don’t  know his real name), said he could capture the hogs and sell them for […]

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Gulf Coast Native Sheep

July 22, 2010

What REALLY makes these sheep from the University special are they are parasite resistant and have not been wormed since 1962, going on 50 years!

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Spiny or Palmer Amaranth – Pig Weed- is a scourge!

July 21, 2010

Possibly you have heard of weeds that have become Round-Up resistant. Pig Weed is one of those weeds.

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South Poll bull “Bona Fide” named Breed Leader

July 20, 2010

Bona Fide is a low birth weight bull that is well balanced and grew into a bull that is wide-based and has thickness from end to end.

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