Holiday Ranch
Breeder of South Poll Grass Cattle

South Poll Bull

Introducing…drum roll, please! 

9405, Holiday Ranch’s new South Poll herd sire.  9405 has all the trait attributes that should make him a true breed-impact sire. 

9405 is a true bull with power, lots of muscle definition, moderation of frame, good feet and legs, depth of rib that carries through the flank and width of back from shoulders through the rear legs.  We expect 9405 to have excellent carcass traits

9405 is slick-haired and very docile, two of the most important traits to us.

Based on his 60-pound birth weight, we expect this bull to be calving-ease sire.

According to breeder, Teddy Gentry of Bent Tree Farm, he can find no faults at all with this bull.  He is well balanced.  We are so fortunate to have this bull on our ranch, breeding our very best cows.  Our goal is to produce the “best of the best” in the South Poll breed at Holiday Ranch in Florida.

We think 9405 is a stand out in the South Poll breed and expect his sons and daughters to be in high demand.   Semen is available on 9405.  Please contact Dave Roberts at (256) 996-1788 if you are interested in using this special sire to improve your herd.

We have given 9405 the pasture name of “MIKEY” in honor of Teddy Gentry’s employee, Mike, who helped us load Mikey on our stock trailer.   Mike stated that he “picked this calf out” to be something special when he was very young.

We strongly believe Mikey is on his way to becoming a major herd sire.


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