Holiday Ranch
Breeder of South Poll Grass Cattle

Premature calf still hanging in there!

I have noticed that some of you have inquired about the premature calf.  I want to let you know she is still with us.  We are still feeding her raw Jersey milk in a bottle and giving her B vitamin injections.  She is still weaker than you would expect at this age and she seems to struggle with breathing.  We can help her stand up but she is not getting up on her own.  When we get her up, she will go to the mama to nurse, if we call the mama over to where the calf is.  I wonder if calves are like human premature babies, and her lungs did not develop fully?  No one we talk with has experience with premature calves living this long…Anyway, we are doing our best to save this sweet little heifer.  Wish us good luck with this unfortunate situation.


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