Holiday Ranch
Breeder of South Poll Grass Cattle

Premature calf, plus a newborn baby!

Yesterday was a very good day.  The premature baby actually drank all the milk in the bottle, then got up on her own and tried to nurse the mama cow.  Mama backed away, probably because I was in the field.  Baby gave out of energy and had to lay down. 

This morning the calf was weak again and would not nurse the bottle so we put the mama in the squeeze chute and let the baby nurse on the mama for a while.  She had a hard time holding her head up so we finished the feeding by milking the mama by hand and tube-feeding the baby. 

I hope tomorrow is a better day for the baby.

We previously sold a young fire fighter and his cute wife from middle Florida a couple of South Poll bred heifers.  He contacted us to advise he was greeted by a new baby South Poll heifer calf after work today.  Her photo is shown above.   Isn’t she adorable?  Visit to learn more about the South Poll Grass Cattle.


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