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more on the premature calf

Saturday morning.  The calf is lying in the sunshine.  Mama cow is standing over the calf looking concerned.

We pick her up and carry her to the sweep tub and try to get her to nurse from the bottle.  She refuses to suck so we must do what I have been dreading – tube feed her!  Cliff carries her to a table, sits her down, I hold her and Cliff gets the tube in place and we feed her a pint of milk.  It went off without a hitch!

We have errands to run and we stop by Southern Cattle Company cattle auction to see how registered Angus cattle are selling.  Prices seem like they are still way down but I was encouraged to see a number of cows and embryos selling for over $10,000.  Maybe the economy is improving.  I know a lot of these higher-priced cows are sold by the breeders “swapping money”.  A couple of years ago these high-priced cows would be bid up to $50,000 – $100,000.   By-and-large the bred cows sold for $1,700 – $2,000.  Still respectable. 

We arrive home and first thing we do is check the calf.  She has moved and is lying in the sunshine again.  We pick her up and try to her to take the bottle again.  Still, she will not suck on the bottle.  We will have to tube feed her again, which we did without incident.  This baby has got to get better!  If not, I am afraid she is not going to make it!

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