Holiday Ranch
Breeder of South Poll Grass Cattle

Calf crisis continues

Friday morning.  Day 3.  The calf is laying in the sun.  She has been up and moving because she is not where we left her.  This is a good sign.  We try to get her up, but she is limp.  We carry the calf into the sweep tub, lay her across my lap, and I get her to drink from the bottle.  She drinks the entire pint of Jersey milk.  She seems stronger.  We leave her to take a nap. 

We return mid-afternoon. We open her mouth and put the nipple in her mouth and her bottom jaw is limp.  The calf will not suck on the bottle and she is “limp as an old dish rag”.

We are very concerned.  This baby must get some nourishment and we think she is still too weak to stand and nurse from the mama.  Mama is still penned with the calf so there has been ample opportunity for the calf to nurse but we have not observed the calf nursing.

We decided to call our vet who advised we bring the calf in.  We make her a bed on the back seat of our pickup and drive 30 miles to the vet; the calf never moved.  The vet taught us how to tube feed the calf the Jersey milk we had brought with us and gave us a pack of electrolytes if the calf gets scours.  The vet advised we would know in about three days if the calf was going to make it.

We returned home with the calf lying on the back seat, she never tried to get up.  We laid her on the hay in the pen with the mama cow.  We will check her in the morning.


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